Yahoo India R&D had announced the sixth edition of Yahoo Hack India to happen in Hyderabad about a month ago and the event is sold out. This will be Yahoo’s first hack event in India hosted outside Bangalore, where Yahoo has its second largest R&D center.


Due to the overwhelming response from developers across India in the past 5 years, Yahoo announced that it would be expanding it’s events to cover more tech cities in India.The company confirmed it would have two Hack India events in India, one in Hyderabad and another one in Bangalore later this year.

Yahoo Hack India brings together programmers, developers, designers from across the industry, start ups and students from the top tech universities in India. Over 1,000 developers from across 20 states in India signed up to participate in Yahoo! Hack in Hyderabad, of which 250 best hackers have been selected after an entry-level coding challenge. These hackers will now participate in the two-day event which brings forth a series of technical workshops, followed by a nonstop 24-hour coding Hackathon.


Hari Vasudev, VP & Head, Yahoo! India R&D said

“Yahoo! Open Hack days embody all that is happening at Yahoo! – innovation, collaboration and great products for our users. I am very excited to see the fresh ideas these young developers will come up with. This year we expect hackers to build experiences with a mobile-first approach, focusing on high-impact apps and dynamic mobile web experiences that people are excited to use every day,”

Yahoo! will introduce developers to the popular technologies and tools from the Open Web like

Yahoo!’s YUI – Yahoo! User Interface. It is an extremely popular open-source framework, written with JavaScript and CSS, for building rich, interactive web applications.

Yahoo!’s YQL – Yahoo! Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets developers query, filter, and join data across Web services.

Yahoo!’s Mojito – Mobile development platform that allows developers to target multiple device formats with one set of code.


All the entries (hacks) will be reviewed at the end of the 24-hour hacking period. Subsequently, the shortlisted entries will be shown to a panel of judges to determine the winning hacks.

Over the years, Yahoo!’s Hack event has turned into a calendar event for the developer community in India. New registration records have been set – and smashed – each year. The first Yahoo! Hack in India was hosted in 2007, and was attended by 180 developers from in and around Bangalore. By last year, this number had swelled to over 800 hackers, who traveled from almost every corner of the country to participate in the event.

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