2014 saw a lot happening in the smartphones. Most noticeably, phones got bigger, even from the companies which insisted on not doing it for years. In terms of solid innovation, there was very little. But, we did see some phones which were not possible before. Here’s our list of the top 10 phones of 2014.

    • z3

      #10 Sony Xperia Z3

      This year, Sony updated their Flagship device with Xperia Z3. It continues on offering the traditional water, dust proof phone, though we are not sure why many would want it. Comes with a 5.2″ HD screen which feels great in hands and a good battery to last one full day. Camera and Audio segment has always been Sony’s strongest areas and this device continues to prove it.

    • g2

      #9 Motorola Moto G2

      Motorola had a great year last year with a few hit phones. Their biggest hit was Moto G which brought great specs and Android the way Google intended it to be at an affordable price. It was really popular in markets like India though it had a few problems. These problems were solved with the refresh. It now comes with a bigger screen and a Micro SD Expansion slot.

    • note4

      #8 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

      Note 4 comes with top of the notch specs and like always comes with the Stylus. It is really for the productive horses with special software optimizations like multi window multi-tasking on a gorgeous 5.7″ Quad HD Display. The camera is also good and shoots 4K video.

    • nexus 6

      #7 Motorola Nexus 6

      Google has released their own phones every year. This year they partnered with Motorola to bring Nexus 6. Which is just an inch smaller compared to Nexus 7 Tablet. The most disappointing part was the price which was as much as the high end flagship devices. It ships with a huge screen which require some getting used to, after that it’ll be difficult to come back later.

  • G3

    #6 LG G3

    G3 was one of the first device with a 538ppi Quad HD Display which looks amazing! It also comes with Laser Auto Focus and of course the iconic button on the back of the device. A lot of improvements from the previous generation LG G2.

  • X2

    #5 Motorola Moto X2

    Moto X was a brilliant performer with a few flaws. For starters, it had the same screen used in the lower end Moto G. This year, Moto X2 had improved with a increased screen size of 5.2″ inch with full HD display. The voice control was the biggest part of last year’s Moto X. It could be activated only by telling the words ‘OK Google’. Not any more, You can just activate it with ‘OK Jarvis’, or anything you imagine.

  • One M8

    #4 HTC One M8

    HTC One is the one device is the one device which can be compared with iPhone when it comes to design. This year’s update to the phone, though it was incremental, it is definitely good. It comes with better specs, a bigger screen and an amazing set of front speakers. It is an amazing phone, except for the camera which still does not perform anywhere close to the other flagship devices.

  • iPhone 6plus

    #3 Apple iPhone 6+

    2014 was the year Apple broke their own rule of no big phones with their own phablet. iPhone 6Plus comes with 5.5″ Retina HD display, which looks stunning. Improved with newer A8 processor, bigger battery which lasts a couple of days and OIS for the camera. Apple hasn’t done anything to take advantage of the huge display yet, except for Reachability.

  • iPhone 6

    #2 Apple iPhone 6

    The iPhone 6 is Bigger and better in every single way. It comes with a 4.7″ Retina Display and the device is stunningly thin which makes it really easy to use in one hand. It continues to have everything we’ve always expected an iPhone to have. One downside though, is the battery which has not seen much of an improvement from the previous generation.

  • OnePlus One

    #1 OnePlus One

    The crown for the top phone of 2014 goes to the One Plus One, a.k.a ‘The Flagship Killer’. The phone has made waves ever since it was announced. Almost every phone in this list costs over $600 unlocked. OnePlus One only costs $350 making it the biggest feature of this phone. No compromises were made to bring the phone to that price point making it the best phone of the year.

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