The phone which was released in November last year, was the first Nexus phone created by LG. Like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 was packed with several special features including swift software updates, Vanilla Android and Unlocked Boot loader.

Jelly Bean 4.3 coming soon


Nexus 4 phone has already been spotted with Android 4.3 in Thailand. This means it isn’t far away that Nexus 4 will get a Android 4.3 Upgrade. It is rumoured to be release on 10th June.

A White Nexus 4


In previous months, the white version of Nexus 4 made a number of appearances in the form of rumours. So we are expecting one together with the updated Android version on 10 June.

Nexus 4 LTE?

LG Mobile’s European VP has revealed that the company isn’t interested in making a sequel to its Nexus 4.

No New Nexus Device ; Nexus 4 still on the Top

While Nexus 4 made its entry in November 2012 , I/O 2013 was expected to out with a shiny new Nexus 4.Google came out with  the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus edition, which is going to hit USA on 26 June is expected to be priced at $650 (Rs 36,023) where as Nexus 4 is priced at $299 for a 8GB model and $350 for a 16GB model. Nexus 4 which is being launched in the coming weeks in India is priced at about Rs 25,999 for the 16GB model. Check this link

Nexus 4 is the real deal. Jay is getting his hands on Nexus 4 in about a week. Stay tuned for all the updates about Nexus 4 right here on Techzei. 

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