A lot of people root their phones not knowing the possibilities. Here is the list of Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones to make the best of the smart phone. Rooting a Android phone opens up a room of new applications that use root access to gain control. Almost all of the popular phones have tools for rooting.

Let us take a loot at the Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones these applications help you get the best out of your Android device.

1.SU ( Super User App)

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones - superuser
Superuser App is the first app anyone should have once your phone is rooted. Superuser app provides root access to other apps who request for it. Superuser App is usually installed automatically while rooting your device, although some root exploits don’t have it included. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store if required.

Download for free from Google Play Store.

2. Juice Defender Ultimate

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones - juicedefender

Are we ever happy with the battery performance on our Android devices? Everyone wants more power to do more. It’s possible by getting a external battery powering case but if you can’t, we can manage the battery profile to get some extra juice. As mentioned in our Ultimate Smartphone battery saving tips, not all battery saver apps work. One of the legit applications for power saving is Juice Defender Ultimate, It’s a power manager with advanced options like auto enable wifi and mobile data. Juice Defender has different preset battery profiles to quickly change battery saving preferences.

Download the free version from Google Play Store. Download the ultimate version for $4.99 from Google Play Store.

3. Tasker

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones - tasker

Tasker for android is a must have application if you’re a power user. It allows task control and automation, which can be used to define actions or rules depending on your needs. Tasker is one of the apps which definitely give power to the user.

Download Tasker for $2.99 from Google Play Store.

4.  Greenify

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones - greenify

Juice Defender allows to customize the battery profile giving better battery life where as Greenify gives you control to select apps that can run as background processes even when they’re not running. It helps identify rogue applications and put them into a hibernation state so that it does not use up the phones resources.

Download Greenify for free from Google Play Store.

5. Titanium Backup


As the name suggest it’s used for backup, Titanium backup can be used to backup all applications along with all the application settings and data. Applications can be backed up individually, manually or scheduled. Applications can also be restored back to its original state with settings or data. It’s best used backup applications you need but you rarely use, using this can help you get more internal phone storage. It can be used to uninstall huge games but keeping the save game data for later use.

Download Titanium backup for free from Google Play Store.


6.Xposed Framework


Xposed framework is simply side-loaded onto any rooted device and then it deploys the Xposed framework into your system directory. It reaches into the core components of Android and allows you to make changes that give you a custom ROM-like experience without leaving the stock firmware. This is achieved through various “modules” that can be downloaded from within the Xposed installer app.

In short, it is a work around to get the custom ROM features onto any device running stock firmware with root. There are 100’s of Modules which can be downloaded and used for free. We have a list of 10 best Xposed Modules.

We’ve complied a list of Top 10 Xposed Modules you should try with your Rooted Android Phone over here.

Download Xposed framework from here.

7.CPU Tuner


Energy saving made easy. CPU Tuner brings you the tweaks necessary to extend your battery and brings out the ultimate performance in your Droid. CPU Tuner lets you adjust your CPU to handle requirements as needed. Since the CPU generally tends to utilize more than required peotential, underclocking it while using light apps and overclocking it while using heavy games ensure that CPU operates at the right frequency.

Download CPU Tuner from Google Play store for free.

8.Solid Explorer


There are but a handful of file explorer that cater to the needs of rooted smartphones and the Solid Explorer simply blows it’s competition out of the water. Powerful, elegant and a slick UI gives it the top spot among file explorers. A must have for every Android phone!

Download Solid Explorer from Google Play Store for free here or the unlocked version from here



Ever wanted to continue a game you left at a particular point on another Android device? DataSync bridges that gap for you. Seamlessly allowing you to sync your device’s activities with other rooted devices, DataSync is a must have. No complications, but easy and effective. Choose your method of sync, your apps you need to sync and you’re good to go.

Download DataSync from Google Play Store for free.

10.ROM ToolBox

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phones - rom

This monster app combines all the other root apps into one big master app. ROM Toolbox is basically a ROM manager, app manager & root explorer all built into one. With functionalities to change boot screen animation, logos, fonts and status bars, this app has featured on developer communities like XDA Developers and has a whooping 4.7 rating on Google Play Store.

This is definitely an app worth checking out.

Download ROM ToolBox from Google Play Store for free here or the pro version here.

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