Speck-Candyshell-Case-review-3To start with, very rarely do I use a case for my iPhone. The reason being they usually make using the phone uncomfortable and bulky. But, the same cannot be said about the Speck Candyshell Case.

To start with, it is made up of two layers – an interior silicon layer which is shock absorbent and an exterior Polycarbonate layer which gives better protection to your phone. Also, it has a rubber layer covering up the volume keys and the power button.Speck-Candyshell-Case-review-8

The holes for the Lightning Cable and the headphone is cut out big enough and they are easy to access. Also, the holes cut out for the Microphone and the Speaker at the bottom are precise which does not affect the quality of the audio input or output.


The best part is probably the fact that it comes in around 20+ colours which looks great on your iPhone.

The Good:

  • Really good protection
  • The rubber bezel on the front ensures the screen does not get scratched while keeping the screen facing down.
  • Precise cut outs for the ports
  • Rubber protection for the buttons
  • The camera hole is big enough and it does not reflect any flash even on the iPhone 5s.
  • Loads of colours to choose from


The Bad:

  • A bit difficult to apply and remove. Kind of a bummer if you need to do that frequently.
  • Though it is not difficult to reach for the mute switch, it is not as comfortable as it is on a naked iPhone.
  • Gets scratched pretty easily.


The Verdict:

        If you need a case to protect your iPhone from small drops this is probably the best you can find out there. It is priced at around £19.95 which is definitely reasonably priced for a case of this quality.

If you’re interested in buying one, you can get it from Mobile Fun.


Speck Candyshell Case Review
Value for money 8
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