Pollution is a real problem in 2016, which is extremely unhealthy. Wynd is not a complete air purifier. It is a portable personal air purifier so that you get to breathe clean air wherever you are. It is about the size of a water bottle and would fit that slot in your bag. Also, Wynd is no average air purifier. It is a smart air purifier that is always connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It solves a real pain point which is coping up with the air in a different city when you travel. Though the city I live in is moderately polluted, I have a real issue adjusting when I travel to a different city which is highly polluted.


Wynd is made up of two parts: the Purifier and the Tracker. The tracker tracks pollution level in PM. It tracks smoke, allergens and dust. This is the first small, portable tracker which you can clip to yourself and it connects to your phone in which you can track the quality of air on their app. Also, it has an RGB indicator to show the quality of air. The purifier has a filter and filters up to 0.3 Microns. You can get the tracker separately or it comes as a part of the purifier.

The air purifier has a variety of mounts and stands. It has a mount for strollers and a table stand so that you can have the purifier blow clean air directly towards yourself. The Wynd creates a personal bubble of clean air and it is portable. It lasts about 8 hours and charges in 4 hours via USB-C.

Wynd has an app called Air Bubbles in the App Store which is live. Right now, it has air quality data from places that provide them to the public which for my city is just three points. That is far too less data for a city of over 4 Million people. The tracker from Wynd will send the pollution level to this app to crowdsource the air quality levels!

For the Air Purifier, you can set how much purification you want it to do or have the Auto Mode turned ON which will track the air quality and purify based on that information. The filters last about 3 months and it automatically orders a replacement. Once you have a replacement, it is a quick snap and takes about 10 seconds to install the new filter. The purifier can filter anything above 0.3 Microns which includes Bacteria and Mold.


Wynd comes in two different colours: White and Black. Everything is in place and it is on Kickstarter right now. The early bird for the whole  package starts at $129 and will retail at $189 when it comes out and the tracker is at $69 which will retail at $89. At the time of writing this article, they’d already surpassed their goal of $50,000 and are at $110,000 with still 36 days to go. The product is ready for manufacturing and will be shipped to Kickstarter Backers in November this year. Click here to back them on Kickstarter right now!

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