GTA5Rockstar had to face quite some backlash from the community since they failed to let go any information about the launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, although it was expected to release soon after it being released for consoles, Rockstar is yet to make any formal announcement.

In something really dramatic, member of the GTA community took it on their shoulders to examine new dumped data in the form of an XML from the console version of GTA V and revealed that there are some extra features in store for PC gamers.

Since Rockstar is cracking down on bloggers and since we could face legal action, we are refraining from posting the screenshots of the code, rather we are linking to the OP ‘s twitter account where he has shared the images, they can accessed over here (Look for tweets where @WilliamUsherGB has been mentioned).

To put it in simple words, there is a certain weather setting called “Blizzard” which is present but not available in settings of the console version (refer to line 667 in the image)

CinemaBlend further adds that Lien also links to memory allocation tables further pointing to different pools and values for the Xbox 360, PS3 and… PC. The file folder structure resembles the typical GTA folder setup – anyone who mods on PC will recognize the “common” folder where the shared values or settings between multiple platforms are stationed.
In addition to the above, there’s a snapshot of the cd images directory; modders might recognize this folder as the one that contains the model and physical data properties for peds, actors, weapons and vehicles.

A completed file structure for this directory means that all the PC’s image assets are in place and structured, thereby confirming that the console version has been based on the PC one which is yet to be released. Also, a complete edition will be released for the PS 4 & the Xbox One soon.No clue has been found over the support for Mac, maybe it is not yet going to happen.

Thanks to CinemaBlend for the awesome explanation! They have also given even more proof to justify it via this post.

Disclaimer : No images of the codes have been published in this post. We cannot be held responsible for any violations.

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