Samsung has enjoyed a good success in the Indian market. But their price drops in the recent times is something that every consumer planning to buy a Samsung product should worry about.

They feel it difficult to decide and set a price. They keep lowering the price constantly and it happens ridiculously fast. This is not the way a company should sell their products. I agree every company should have aggressive pricing for every market. But this is not aggressive. Doing this would loose them their existing customers.

You can get a better idea by looking at the table below:


The message which Samsung is giving to their customers out there is that they don’t have buy that new product of Samsung which just released because it is going to get a lot cheaper in 2-4 months and you buy it now, you are going to be disappointed.

When a person gets one of Samsung phones and sees the price of the phone drop in a couple of months is definitely going to disappoint them. They will be able to sell phones for now. But those people who buy the phone now are not going to return back to Samsung when they buy their next.

Samsung India was unreachable for any comment. We’ll update if we get any.

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