This is probably world’s biggest rip off. Actually you can’t call it a rip off. Android fans might even argue it’s just a colour. But this shows Samsung’s inability to even think. Samsung earned some of my respect with their innovations for Galaxy S3 last year. But now, they’ve just lost it.

Samsung has been showing this off in their Social Media Outlets in UAE. I guess there’ll be a worldwide release soon owing to the popularity of the Gold iPhone 5s. They are available in two variants – Gold Pink and Gold Brown.

This is not the first in the past few weeks. Within a few hours of Apple’s announcement of using the next 64 bit architecture in the next generation of iPhones, Samsung announced their next major Galaxy phone will also feature 64 bit architecture.

One good thing to take away is if you’re disappointed that you couldn’t get the Gold iPhone owing to their shortage and you just care about the colour, you can get the S4.

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