I absolutely hate to put a case on my iPhone and this is a review of an iPhone case. Cases add so much bulk to this beautifully crafted device. Cases spoil the user experience in the name of protection. I don’t really drop my phone much, so I’ve never had the use for a case. At the same time, I hate the rounded aluminium finish of the iPhone. It is slippery and really cold when I pick it up in mornings. So I was on the hunt for some sort of a decal. But then, I came across Peel Case which a lot of people were raving about.

I decided to try it out and this is definitely the best case I’ve used in a very long time! It is so thin that you barely notice it is there while using it. At the same time, it protects your phone from scratches and gives a better grip.  It is super thin with a perfect fit and cutouts. Another problem I’ve had with cases is that they make the headphone port unreachable for many headphones. I never had those problems with this case.

Peel case is available for all iPhone and iPad sizes . Also, they make it in all colours. I have the space grey iPhone 6s Plus and I got the black version of Peel Case. It blends perfectly with the device.

It does not protect your phone from drops. This case is not meant to do that. But, it is by far, the best minimalist case I’ve ever used and the only case I’d love to use all the time.

You can get a Peel case from their website and they ship it worldwide and it costs $25 plus shipping depending on your country. There’s also an iPad version which costs $30.

Peel iPhone Case Review
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