I have been using my Pebble for over 6 months now and this is what I feel; Pebble is for watches what iPhone was for phones. Pebble is probably the biggest thing that could happen for smart watches. It redefined the wearables category. All of a sudden, they became more than a fashion accessory and made more people use them. You can’t justify calling the Pebble just a watch. The only similarities are, you can strap it on to your hand and it shows you time which is only 10% of what the watch can do.

Doing something pretty good the first time and opening it up to developers is exactly what the pebble did just the way Apple did with their iPhone.
It provides a whole new experience and changes the way you interact with things. Only a few things have manage to radically change the way you do things, Pebble is one such. Huge companies like Samsung and Sony made smart watches and failed. None of them could match the number of apps of the Pebble. We now live in a world where apps constitute functionality.

The software and the hardware developed by companies lets developers express what they want. The first time I realised that was a couple of weeks back when I was browsing through the Pebble App Store(Yes, an App Store for a watch with thousands of apps!) and found a watch called Zoooom.

Zoooom was a concept watch along with the instructions on how it could be made, blew up on Twitter a year back. I was hoping someone would make it. None of them did though, although it was definitely possible. Then with the Pebble, a developer could get Zoooom for Pebble with just a few hours of coding and now I have a watch I always dreamed of.


We like changing our wallpapers on phones because it is a way of expressing what we feel. Customisable watchfaces are a lot more cooler. With the zoooom watchface, every time I look at my watch, it brings me happiness. When a game is going on, I just switch it to the scores watch face which tells me the score and time at the same time.

No matter how hard any other company tries(including Apple’s rumoured iWatch), unless they do something extremely radical just the way Pebble did to watches, there is no way they’re going to enjoy the success of Pebble. But, it can also go the other way around. Since Apple is a more trusted company than Pebble, even if the iWatch is a lesser version of Pebble and more expensive, it might do well.

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