iPhone is awesome. But, we have to accept the fact that it’s battery needs help. It pulls me down, like when I wanted to capture great moments or listen to my favorite song. Though the phone is capable of doing a million things, we are unable to do them because of the battery life. Ten different iPhone have come till now. Almost everything has changed. The processor and GPU is over 100 times faster than the original iPhone. But the battery – It has always been the same. Phone manufacturers are not doing enough to change the battery technology and many of the companies like Samsung have decided to make huge phones with bigger batteries.

We’ve written all sorts of articles reading “How to save battery on your device” which asks you to turn off GPS and other radio signals. These things are meant to be used to give you a better experience and not be turned off. One solution to this is battery packs. They are large and you’ll have to carry around a wire which is messy.

Mophie, the company behind Juice Pack Helium came up with a brilliant product – Strap the battery to the back of your phone, work efficiently and at the same time,  it shouldn’t add to the bulk.



Mophie Helium is a iPhone battery case with a 1500mAh battery which can charge my iPhone 5s 0 to 80% once which is good enough for a day of heavy usage. Applying that case to the iPhone is super easy and it comes in a loads of different colors. The case is made in such a way that the removal of the phone from the case is also extremely easy.

There are various battery cases available in the market. What makes Mophie stand out is, that it’s designed and made how Apple would have made a battery case for the iPhone.

The case can be charged using a Micro USB cable, this is what makes the Mophie Helium brilliant. When you plug in the microUSB for charging, it checks if the charge on your phone is full. If not, it charges your phone first and then charges the case. No other product in the market right now does that.

The case has passthrough technology through which you can connect the micro USB cable to the iPhone and other end to iTunes on your computer for syncing. It works like magic.

The case is extremely thing and offers protection at the same time. The iPhone can be charged by flipping the back switch. The other button is used to turn ON the indicator for battery level. This has been taken straight out of the older MacBook Pro’s which had a similar indicator for battery level.

Reaching for the headphone jack with the case on would be difficult or impossible for most of the headphones. For this reason, Mophie has included a small cable which fixes it.

Mophie Helium is definitely the one of the best battery case for the iPhone and look no further if you’re looking to get one. This amazing device retails for under $80.

Mophie Juice Pack Helium Review
Build Quality7.9
  • The technology behind the case
  • Extremely Slim
  • Headphone jack difficult to reach
8.2Overall Score
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