Starting tonight, the much famed OnePlus One will finally be put on pre orders, just for an hour though. The pre-ordering process does not need an invitation. The launch countries does not include India, but you can still pre-order it and get it shipped via 3rd party re-shippers. OnePlus One launch officially in India is imminent in a few weeks.

How to Preorder a OnePlus One in India

1. Book the phone

Pre-Order you OnePlus One from here (

2. Shipping address

Either you need to have a friend/relative in one of the official counties which include the USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark Netherlands,  Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portugal.

If you don’t, you need to use a scalper.

PPObox is one such trusted service, head over to their website and create a free account, make sure to fill in all details. PPObox gives you an address in New York, which you can to ship your phone to. Rest is self-explanatory, you will be charged once the package reaches their Indian warehouse. You need to pay for the shipping and customs online once you get the invoice.

3. Prepare for the payment (Paypal)

Paypal is by far one of the most secure payment gateways. Make sure you set the billing address to your own address (Indian address). Paypal only accepts certain debit cards like ICICI, HDFC, CitiBank debit cards. If your debit card does not get processed you need to have a credit card or you can get any of your friends with a PayPal account to make the payment.

(If you are out of luck and are only left with a debit card, you can use to create a basic account and transfer money from any of your debit cards to the virtual credit card and use it for payment on PayPal, you will be charged around 4-5% for it)

Total cost :

OnePlus One 64gb $349
Shipping $13
Total $362 [ ₹ 22,500/- ]
PPObox Total $56 [ ₹ 3,500/- ]

The grand total will be ₹ 26,000 /-

This is still way cheaper as compared to other flagships. Also, the warranty remains valid in India once they launch here. Considering that the official Indian launch will happen either later November or early December, it would be less of a pain to wait for it. Well, unless you don’t want to keep waiting any longer.

The official pricing in India is expected to be less than ₹ 24,000 for the 64GB variant.

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