I’m not really a huge fan of scratch guards, because I love the feel of a glass even at the expense of a possibility of scratching it. But the Amazon Kindle is different. It does not have a glass screen. It was glossy. So, when I was given the Expert Shield Amazon Kindle Screen Protector, I definitely wanted to try it out.

Expert Shield Amazon Kindle Review

I suck at applying screen protectors. I usually have someone do it for me. These guys claimed it is extremely easy to apply. So I went ahead and tried to install it myself. It came with a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning the screen. The first time I tried applying it, the alignment was completely wrong. So, I had to completely remove it and try again. This time, it had a lot of air bubbles. Once again, I had to remove it. The third time I tried, it worked. Usually, screen protectors do not tolerate errors. This one is definitely good.

Since the Kindle does not have a gorilla glass screen, it can get scratched pretty easily. People usually go for these bulky cases. A kindle is meant to be light and used with one hand. So, a screen protector should be an essential accessory if you intend to carry it a lot. It had a matte finish which feels a whole lot better. It gives a new experience to the reader I already have.

Expert Shield Amazon Kindle Screen Protector Review
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