techzei-year-in-review-2013It’s been almost a year after the launch of Techzei, through the journey we’ve learnt a lot and the process continues. Lot of discussion has gone about what to do next with Techzei and a few decisions have been made.

First , we are really going big with our reviews, both written and video. We recently posted our pebble video review to let everyone know what we have for 2014.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be going through a website redesign. We’re hoping to ship the new design by end of this month. With the redesign, our product reviews will have a scoring chart so that it’ll give you a better understanding. We’ll make sure the product reviews come in time to time as we progress.

In 2014, we are looking to expand our coverage into electronic DIY’s with RaspberryPi and UDOO. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all those content.

Happy new year to all our readers.

techzei-year-in-review-2013-2The year 2013 had been good on us with over 250k visitors which we consider as a milestone in our first year of launch.
Our story on iOS7 beta sales and Facebook home page redesign was reblogged by blogs like Cult of Mac, Knowyourmobile and allfacebook.

The story had a huge reach and amazing response from our readers. The quick tutorial to get access to whatsapp on BSNL got the most number of views in a single day according to our analytics.

We did some official coverage for ehack , DevFest Chennai and also for other community events happening around Chennai. We’re certainly looking forward to cover more events happening around us.

techzei-year-in-review-2013-3 copy2013 taught us a lot of things, we learnt things that could go wrong during live blogging to interesting SEO techniques. We hope to do much better and cover more than we did last year.

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