The first iPhone was introduced in 2007 and everything has been changed since then, excepting for the battery. There has not been any improvement in Battery Technology. Companies have just been making bigger phones with bigger battery. The Processors have also gotten more power hungry. For this reason I got a huge phone, the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s big size gives me the all day battery life with heavy usage.

I get a lot of work done on my phone, including this review. At times, I go to events and with extensive Tweeting and Periscoping I am sure to run out of battery by the end of the day. There’s always a constant fear of ‘What if I don’t have enough Battery to call an Uber to get home?’. This is where Fuel comes in.


Fuel is a super tiny portable charger which you put in your bag or keychain and forget about it. It is a 400mAh battery and it retains it’s charge for a minimum of 6 months. 400mAh gets me around 8% battery on my phone which is more than enough to call someone and talk to them for 10 minutes. To use it, switch it on and plug it into your phone. Also, there is a light indicator to indicate it is charging.

It comes in five different colours and two different versions: 8 Pin and Micro USB. The Micro USB version costs $20 and the 8 Pin Version for iOS devices costs $30 which is a bit pricey. This is a neat little accessory to have however big your phone battery is. Click here to get Fuel!

Fuel: Micro-Charger Review
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