A stylus has long been replaced by the use of a finger with the smart phone era while Samsung has been putting them back into the market with their Note series. The touch screen technology has been refined over years to adapt with multi-touch capabilities but for the artists and designers there has been and always will be a need for a stylus.

Sheaffer Stylus is a 2-in-1 instrument, which can be used as a pen for writing on paper and also be used as stylus on smartphones or tablets. The pen comes with Sheaffer “T” ballpoint refills that is available in blue and black. The way the stylus works is simple, the rear end of the pen had a black rubber bulb that mimics your finger, this could wear off over time under use.

The construction of the instrument is great, its comfortable to hold and has a pretty good grip. The weight is balanced just right at both the ends but when compared with other styluses in the market, the Sheaffer Stylus feels comparatively heavier.

Apps like Paper by 53 and Penultimate by Evernote aren’t apps built for sketching accurately. It’s all about getting things just about right and that’s exactly what this stylus is all about. Sheaffer stylus is all about being a quick replacement for a finger for almost any task on a tablet.

Sheaffer Stylus is available in three colors – Matte Black,White and Silver. It’s available in the market for ₹2,300.


If you’re only looking for a stylus that let’s you do things just about right, Sheaffer stylus could be a right choice.

Sheaffer Stylus Review
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