Vookmark is here to solve a very real problem. How many times have you been in situations where a friend sends you a video while you’re at work, so you remember to watch it later, but end up completely forgetting about it. He’s another situation: You find a few videos to watch, but you want to watch them later. One solution in Youtube is to use the watch later button which is useless. This is where Vookmark comes it. It comes with a simple Chrome Plugin which lets you save videos from Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Reddit and watch them later. Vookmark is Pocket for Videos.


The first step is to install the Chrome Plugin. Now when you come across a video, you want to watch later on any of the supported services, right click on the video and add it to Vookmark. It takes a brief couple of seconds and then you’re done.

There are multiple ways to watch the video once you’ve saved it to Vookmark. They’ve got apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and Web. Once you finish watching a video, it is removed from your queue and is moved into the history section. There is an option to add a video to the favorites section.

Youtube has a watch later feature which is unbelievably useless. You click on the default watch later button, it adds the videos to a watch later list which is a mere playlist you can keep adding videos to. Youtube does not remove videos from the list once you’ve finished watching them and you have to manually remove them one at a time which is ridiculous. Also, this solution exists only for Youtube and not for most of the other sources. This is where Vookmark really shines. One place to watch videos from any platform and it manages them efficiently.

Every morning I find videos I want to watch and add them to my Vookmark queue. I watch them throughout the day whenever I’m free. I find it an immaculate and efficient way of watching videos.

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