Madrasters are organising an event on Typography and UI/UX in the month of June 2014 in Chennai. Madrasters community has one stop place where Designers, Art lovers, Photographers and Photoshop users come, meet and discuss. It’s a open group where everyone can share and learn about Photoshop. Madrasters was previously also known as Photoshop User Group Chennai, It is an Adobe Authorized Group for Photoshop community.

Interested to know more about Typography and UI/UX?

Madrasters invites everyone to come join a workshop on June 29th 2014 at IIT Research Park in Chennai from 2:30-6:30 pm. The workshop will include a session on experimental typography and UI/UX beyond mobile. Both these sessions will be handled by some very experienced members of the community.

Experimental Typography

This is a unique workshop that journeys through the world of Typography, to learn its basics and to communicate better, to create a space of knowledge, with an emphasis on doing, rather than watching.Participants will study the history of typography, since Prehistory to the XXI century study the different typeface families and their classification talk about graphic design, art, typographers and foundries about composition, grids and layouts. 

» For anyone with a love for letterforms.
» A lot to learn for Graphic Design Students, illustrators,
» Game Designers, Design professionals who use Font in their day-to-day life
» For the once who are interested in Tamil Typography
» For Designers who want to Design their own font

UI/UX beyond Mobile

1. Learn to choose right process and method for better designs.As devices multiply, wearable devices are the future form factors; though in very nascent stage there will be heavy demand for designers to adapt soon, so why not let’s be future ready?

2. Gain knowledge of design guidelines and designing for future devices when designing for the end user’s experience, some knowledge of technology and back-end play vital part for UX designers to design their solutions

3. Learn new interaction techniques and integrate emerging technology to solve real-world problems.Have an awesome idea? Your ideas can be worth nothing, unless you communicate them visually. For any idea to turn in to reality you firstly need to know from where you are starting

4. Design for your own ideas or usability problems you faceYour efforts goes in vain, when you can’t effectively present your designs to other players in your project or to clients.

5. Master the art of presenting your concepts and facilitate constructive feedback channel.


  • 1. People who want to make a mark in Design Industry.
  • 2. Those who love futurism, designs for future form factors
  • 3. Those who want to be inspiration for others
  • 4. Those who want to adapt change
  • 5.Those looking to beef up their creative portfolio with new design concepts
  • 6. And of course those who love to collaborate and network with fellow designers.


If you’re instrested to take part in the workshop on the 29th June, Register at


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