The HyperX Cloud Revolver is a favourite headset which has been around for a while now. The HyperX CloudX Revolver, though, is a special edition headset for the Gears of War with Microsoft and works with both PC and Xbox.

Starting with the design, it is a prominent red with Gears of War logo on both the ear cups and there’s the Gears of War Branding on the headband. The colour scheme matches well with the Gears of War edition of Xbox. The headset also works with PS4, but Kingston does not advertise it.

The headset has two 50mm closed back drivers with a nice headband made of foam and leather. This headband is reinforced by a couple of metal bands. The Earcups have memory cushions. The headband adjusts very well for any size head, and the ear cups have an excellent degree of movement to accommodate any shape of head. The whole package has enough space to move around without being flimsy.

The headset is extremely comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions, and there is a decent level of airflow inside the ear cups.

The headset comes with a 1.2m braided cable and a 3.5mm jack on the other end. The headset comes with a included 3m cable whose end has a Y-Cable for separate channels. The cable has an in-line remote to adjust the volume levels and mute the mic.

Coming to the audio part, the headset just has two channels. I was expecting a 7.1 output for a headset in this range. But the output in this is not bad either. It is as good as any other headset, and you get what you pay for. Nothing extraordinary, but at the same time it does not fall short. The Bass is also straight and at the right levels. The Highs and Lows are distinguishable.

The headset comes with a Microphone, which is detachable. It is nothing extraordinary, and I wouldn’t use it for streaming or any other professional work. But it is excellent for gaming and has a decent level of noise cancellation.

The HyperX CloudX Revolver does everything a gaming headset should do and checks all the right boxes. You wouldn’t go wrong if this is within your budget and you need a single headset to work with both your PC and your Console.

The HyperX CloudX Revolver costs just under Rs. 9,000 and you can buy one from Amazon right now!

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