If you’d watched the keynote, you’ll realise that the time was too short. Apple had so much up their sleeve that they had to brush through everything.


Apple, as always started the Keynote with the updated company stats.

  • 600 million iOS devices sold to date
  • 24th WWDC(Longest running Developer conference ever)
  • attendees from 66 countries
  • 6 million registered developers
  • WWDC tickets sold out in 71 seconds
  • 1 million daily vistors at the 407 Apple Stores in 14 countries
  • 50 billion apps download from the App Store
  • 300 million iTunes in the Cloud users
  • 900,000 apps in the store
  • 375,000 iPad apps
  • 575 million App Store accounts (more accounts with credit cards than any store)
  • $10 billion has been paid to developers ($5 billion just last year)
  • 72 million Macs installed
  • 28 million copies sold of OS X Mountain Lion
  • 35% of Mac users are now using OS X 10.8


Mac Pro

mac-pro-desktop-wwdc-2013-techzei Fnally, after a long time Apple updated its Mac for the pro users. Mac Pro is finally a worthy update worth the wait. It’s design has been finely crafted and looks too futuristic. Here are sone of the stats given during the sneak peak.

  • New unified thermal-core body
  • Intel Xeon with up to 12-core
  • Thunderbolt 2 support. 20GBps throughput
  • Dual workstation GPUs
  • 4k display support
  • 1/8th the size of old Mac Pro
  • Fastest ECC memory
  • PCIe Storage that’s 10x faster than any previous Mac Pro drive


Can’t innovate anymore, my ass – Phil Shiller

MacBook Air


Apple updated their MacBook Air lineup with the latest Intel Haswell processor. Due to the new processor, The 11 Inch Air has a battery of 9 hours and the 13 Inch for a full 12 hours. Also, the price has come down. It starts at $999 for the 11 Inch 128GB MacBook Air. It starts shipping today.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks


With Apple using up all the cat names, they’ve finally turned their naming to California Themed names. The developer preview is available today and for the general public this fall.


  • New tabs for finder

  • Tags for filesOPENGL 4 support

  • Time Coalescing to improve CPU efficiency and direct it only to the app you’re using

  • Better Multiple Display suport with dock and menu bar in both the displays.

  • AppNap to pause apps preventing Battery Drain



  • New UI
  • New sidebar with bookmarks, reading lists and shared links
  • 1.44x faster in SunSpider JavaScript benchmark than Chrome and Firefox
  • Improved CPU usage

iCloud keychain

  • Keychain in iCloud which syncs across your iOS and Mac devices
  • Stores website logins and Credit Card Numbers
  • Can suggest passwords and auto-fill your forms


  • Replying to iMessage and Facetime from the desktop
  • Noticications from websites which you can subscribe
  • Missed notifications in the lockscreen

Maps for OS X

  • Street Maps
  • 3D Flyover
  • Info cards
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Send directions to your iPhone

iBooks for Mac

  •  Access to 1.8 million books in iBookstore
  • Read books from your desktop or iOS
  • Interactive books just like in iOS


iWork for iCloud

Create iWork docs from a web browser in iCloud pannel
Works on OS X or Windows

iOS 7



iOS 7 has been the biggest part of WWDC this year. It is a redifining part of the iPhone history. Your iPhone feels totally new, yet maintaining the same simplicity and ease of use. It is an Jhonny Ive creation and it’s beautiful. The developer preview is available today and releasing this fall.

Completely redesigned from the ground up

  • New lockscreen
  • Most of the elements are translucent
  • Parallax allows you to see layers of info
  • Weather app has a super interactive display
  • Calendar has a new simple UI
  • Notification center available in the lockscreen
  • Multiple pages in floders
  • Audio FaceTime calls
  • Notification Sync between all iOS devices
  • Activavtion disables iPhone if stolen and even restored
  • Phone and Message blocking
  • Airdrop for iOS

Control Center

  • Swipe up from the bottonm to bring up the control center
  • It has toggles for wi-fi, bluetooth, airdrop, brightness, controlling music, etc.


  • Brand new card interface
  • Swipe up to exit the app
  • Adapts to network conditions
  • Schedules the App to run in background


  • Pull down to bring the unified search bar
  • New full screen


  • New translucent interface
  • Male and female voice
  • Can toggle phone settings
  • Wikpedia and bing image search


  • New UI
  • Accessible throung control center
  • New filters
  • Square camera


  • Share images to friends
  • System wide support for sharing
  • Only available for iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod touch 5th generation


  • Sorts the photos according to location and date automatically
  • New Photo Share interface
  • Pinch zoom to look across your photo collection

iOS in the car ( Coming in 2014 )

iOS on car’s dashboard screen with music, messages and Siri


App Store

  • No more updates tab. Apps update automatically.
  • Discover apps based on current location.

iTunes Radio

This was one of the most rumored feature for a long time and it was finally released with Apple very recetly closing a deal with Sony.

  • Built into the iOS music app
  • Featured Stations stream music based on its theme
  • Share stations with friends, or create your own based on favorite artists
  • Preview and purchase songs directly in the app
  • Support on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV
  • Free for all users
  • Completely ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers
  • Launches in the U.S initially




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