A few months ago, we reviewed the Zenfone Max which we felt was an amazing phone for its battery(Read the full review here). But the problem with that device was it lacked in the performance aspect. Asus seems to have learnt from that and they have improved it.

The core part of Zenfone Max is till it’s gigantic 5,000mAh battery which lasts insanely long. It was sent to us in a locked box ten days ago and the code was given to us only today. The phone was ON and fully functional upon opening the box, proof of the insanely long battery. It has three days of normal usage or 38 days of standby.

The biggest complaint of the previous version was its performance and the processor is upgraded from Quad core to Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor. There are two different variants now and the only difference between them is the RAM. Now there are options to get both 2GB and 3GB RAM.


Personally, we are huge fans of the Zenfone Max for its battery. For me, it is the perfect secondary phone along with the flagship phone I use. I have to charge it once and forget about it for a good while. The battery on the phone also doubles up as a power bank. Connect an OTG cable(included in the box) and charge any other device.

The internals storage has been increased from 16GB to 32GB and it is now expandable up to 64GB. Apart from that, it has the same design with faux leather back and 720P screen. For camera, it has a 13MP primary Camera with laser focus and 5MP secondary camera.

The 2GB version costs Rs. 9,999 and the 3GB version costs Rs. 12,999. The price of the old one has been reduced to Rs. 8,999. The availability has not yet been announced, but it should be available soon. Stay tuned for out full review which will be out soon.

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