Apple kicks off this year with their first event and here’s how you can watch WWDC 2017 Live. WWDC is Apple’s annual developer conference where they’re expected to reveal iOS 11, WatchOS 4, MacOS 10.13 and TV OS 11. Although it is a developer conference, Apple has previously announced new hardware products and it there’s a new rumored iPad and Voice Assistant.

When is WWDC 2017?

WWDC goes on for an entire week, but they’re mostly developer sessions and is of little interest to an average consumer. Highlight of WWDC is the first Keynote where all the new products are launched which is on 5th June, 2017 at 10:30pm IST (10am in the US).

How to watch WWDC 2017 Live? 

Here’s the tricky part. Apple has not made it easy to watch WWDC 2017 Live. Here’s how you can watch it depending on the device you want to watch on:

iPhone, iPad and Mac:

This is the easiest devices to view on. Go to the Apple Events page here at the time of the event via Safari and watch. Just remember that you have to watch it on Safari and other browsers will not be supported. Also, the device should be running iOS 7 or higher and MacOS 10.8 or higher.

Apple TV

Turn on your Apple TV a few minutes before the Keynote and you should automatically have an Apple events App. Open the app to watch WWDC 2017 Live.

Windows PC

Up until a couple of years, there was no way to watch Apple Events on non-Apple Devices. But now, there is an official way. First, you should be on Windows 10 and have the latest version of Edge (Microsoft’s web browser which comes by default on all Windows 10 devices). Just head to the Keynote Page before the event to Stream WWDC 2017 Live.


Tough Luck! There is absolutely no way to stream on Android Phones, Tablets and TV. If they want more customers to switch over from the other side, they should let them watch the event. But Apple chooses not to, and there is no way to stream WWDC 2017 live on those devices.

Note: There are some unofficial live streams which we would not recommend due to their poor quality. If you do not own one of the above devices, check out the Livestream from other sites like The Verge or Mashable.

How to watch the event after it is done?

Apple will upload the keynote on their Podcast App which can be viewed through iTunes. Also, Apple has recently started uploading their Keynotes on Youtube also. Make sure to check it out there.

Stay tuned to us for any further updates!

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