The Techzei team has been working on expanding over new areas for a while now and one thing we’ve been working on is to cover extensively about Startups. While working on various formats, one of the biggest problem we’ve faced is getting some actual data about startups and their products. All the information is out there, but it takes hours to find everything and get them in a meaningful format which is also verified. Skcript, a young startup from Chennai aims to change that with their new product called Evolvr.

Evolvr comes with a Bold tagline, ‘IMDB for Products’. Now, when I want to research on a story about a particular startup, I can just search for it on Evolvr. It is more like LinkedIn profiles for startups. Check out the Company Page for Facebook here. It has everything you might need to know about Facebook from the time they started along with their creators and their current products. Going inside the product page of Instagram, you can see all the changes and it’s latest updates.

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Right now, anyone can post information about companies and products on the website. But every information is manually verified by it’s creators to make sure that they get it right. They take a lot of pride in it. While the product is still young and there’s not a lot of content in there, we are hoping it grows into something as big as IMDB itself.

One stop to know everything about a product or a company.

The makers of this product also did promise us that an API is coming soon so that users can explore all that data! The UI is well designed and you should definitely check them out. Stay tuned, we’ve got some exclusive content coming your way. Head over to and explore!

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