The importance of anonymity cannot be over stressed in the digital world. Every few days, we get to hear,  news of people being arrested for what they post online. The assurance of being anonymous is a crucial requirement for us to be able to post our views online. Now, what if I tell you that the American Government not only has its eyes on what you post under your own name on Facebook, but also what you post anonymously on your blog, or just anywhere?

Mass surveillance – this is exactly what NSA is doing. They are exploiting the weak links in internet security to spy on all of us, twisting the internet into something that it was never meant to be. While we can’t really stop the targeted attacks, we do can stop mass surveillance systems from spying on us.

In response to this, various organizations and tech enthusiasts, including Techzei have raised to spread awareness on this issue through Here, you will learn about how we can as a community protect ourselves.

Get the Privacy Pack, where you will get NSA resistant tools that you can quickly install on all your devices, to do your small part. Are you a developer? If yes, then pledge to add one NSA resistant security measure such SSL and certificate pinning. Do you own a website? Then you can go about adding SSL, HSTS and PFS protection to your website this year.

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