Warning: The post is full of spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the finale yet. 

This is the most satisfying TV show everyone has watched right from the first episode to the last. After a bad finale for Dexter last week, people were a little sceptical about Breaking Bad’s finale. But, Vince Gilligan is a Genius. He made the perfect ending. Walter White tied up all the loose ends. Though the episode did not have anything shocking, it had everything we wanted.

Walter returns back to Albuquerque and meets his former colleagues from Gray Matter Technologies and gives them his remaining money and threatens them to give it to his son on his 18th birthday with a charitable intention. Then he interrupts Ted and Lydia’s little date and talks with them. Meanwhile, he makes sure the Rechin we saw in the first episode goes to Lydia.

Later, he meets Skylar to tell her a proper goodbye. He accepts the fact that he always did it because he liked it and not for the family. The last scene was the biggest of all. He meets the Nazis who want to kill him just to tie loose ends.

Like always genius master of destruction Walter White makes an automated machine gun which pops out from the back of his car and shoots everyone. Meanwhile, he takes a bullet for Jesse Pinkman saving him .

It is at this point where he is back from Heisenberg to the Walter White we met in the first episode. He completes a full circle.

Finally, Jessie walks away to freedom and Walt is appreciating Todd’s Meth Lab and falls down dead just as the police come.

This is the perfect way to tell a good-bye to all the fans. This post is more of a tribute to everyone who made this show possible and we hope we see an equally good show with Better Call Saul.


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