After the breathtaking and sensational mid-season finale, both the Arrow and The Flash is going to a whole new level in Television entertainment.

The Flash

With the brief introduction of the Reverse Flash and Firestorm, The Flash has some very exciting action pack episodes coming up for the spring. Barry Allen aka The Flash who has been clearly outclassed by his nemesis has to figure out a way to defeat him. He also has the deal with Iris after spilling the beans on how he really feels about her which could make their relationship very rusty.


Until now things are not so much clear about the Reverse Flash’s motive and for the people who are in a dilemma on why does Dr.Harrison Wells (Reverse Flash) tries to kill himself or how he manages to be there at the same time as both the identities, the answer is indirectly revealed in that scene itself if you watch it closely. With just a small part of the Firestorm aka Ronnie on the screen, we can expect to see more of him in the future. And it also won’t be surprising to see KillerFrost by the end of the season.










And from the spring trailer of The Flash we also know that Captain Cold returns which will pose a good challenge for The Flash but we haven’t seen anything about Gorilla Grodd until now apart from a small hint in the Pilot episode.


Things between Eddie and Iris has been going well and they have also decided to live together but we are not quite sure about Iris’s state after she gets to know Barry’s feelings for her which could possibly complicate the love triangle.



No one can deny that the fall finale was the best episode of Arrow so far. Matt Nable (Ra’s Al Ghul) didn’t promise much with his first appearance in the show earlier but has gotten to the nerves of the fans after ‘The Climb’. With some hints about the existence of the Lazarus Pit here and there in the episode could only be the only convincing way to bring back Arrow from the dead or ‘almost dead’. The episode had some of its best moments between Olicity and epic dialogues from Ra’s like

“I replaced evil with death”.


With the likely arrival of Ray Palmer as A.T.O.M and Laurel Lance as Black Canary promises the show to be more exciting which also may say that the Arrow might only be seen a fewer times in the rest of the season. The revelation of Sara’s killer (Thea Merlyn) was one of the greater twists but it is difficult to guess about what’s ahead for Malcolm Merlyn. One, he gets away with Sara’s murder or the other Ra’s gets to him which would also seal Thea’s fate if the latter gets to happen.


With the latest pic of the Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm in the sets of the Arrow, we can expect another Arrow-Flash crossover. As far as Team Arrow is concerned, it will probably be Arsenal’s turn to fill in Arrow’s shoes for the time being hoping that Oliver would return.

Coming to the flashback part, it is more likely to be Maseo’s and Malcolm’s turn now. Apart from Ra’s al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn, there is not much to guess about villains but we might get to see the Clock King who earlier got his entry in The Flash who is a potential villain for Arrow according to the comics. 

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    Awesome!! Loved the write up! I had more or less similar theories. Exciting stuff coming up!! 2015 looks bright! Arrow & The Flash in Jan, House of Cards in Feb, Game of Thrones in April!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! 🙂 🙂


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