Google Given 35 days to Delete Old Street View Data

Some of you may remember about the whole Street View data collection fiasco a while back. As the Street View cars were driving around taking pictures, they were (mistakenly, according to Google) collecting information about unsecured WiFi networks. This meant that people could be located exactly with hardware information about their networking device(s) (router MAC address). Google was fined $25,000USD last April by the US Federal Communications Commission, and the UK Information Commissioner’s Office have told Google that they have 35 days to delete any remaining data or face criminal proceedings.

Facebook “launches” Vine Competitor; Videos on Instagram


Vine, Twitter’s video sharing service where you can chop up video clips into a maximum 7 second video, has grown in popularity recently. Instagram has added a similar feature: you can now post a 3 to 15 second video of different clips, as well as being able to add a filter. A lot of people have said this is a “Vine killer”.

You may think Facebook is copying Twitter, however Twitter did a similar thing when they added the ability to add filters to photos posted from their mobile app.

The Pirate Bay Founder Jailed Over Hacking Charges


Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, co-founder of The Pirate Bay was given a two-year sentence in a Swedish prison after multiple “hack attacks” and charges of fraud. Warg’s accomplice was Mathias Gustafsson, and the pair claimed that they were not the ones responsible for the attacks; instead, their machines were used remotely to perform the hackings, however refused to name these individuals. This was later disproved by computer-forensic experts.

Sony SmartWatch 2 – Water Proof Android Companion

Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony at the Mobile Asia Expo, Shanghai unveiled Sony SmartWatch 2. The company plans to get back in the wearable tech/android companion market with this new product which is water resistant and the first ever SmartWatch with NFC capabilities. The “Waterproof” tag is been widely used by Sony ever since it’s flagship phone Xperia Z arrived.

Read More about the watch and its features.


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