Welcome to India, Where you can sell anything. Where fooling people is next to legal.

All these days, we the geeks were mute spectators to the illegal ways shopkeepers across India have taken to earn a quick buck. Now, this is spread a bit too far.

It was all about copying the latest songs & videos to your phone for a cheap amount (5-10$) and then it went on to Jailbreaking for a certain amount of money (Ranging from 30-50$) along with installing apps that needed you to pay (tough luck developers!).

All this has now taken a huge twist, something which you would never imagine to hear.  A certain store called “iCentre Kilpauk” back in Chennai (To our global readers, it is one among the 4 metros of India) has come up with a “offer” where you could get a “Free” upgrade to iOS 7 Beta on purchase of a brand new iPhone 5 from them. Further, they are willing to do the same for any iPhone 5 at a price of 1000 INR (around 20$) and at a price of 1200 INR (around 23$) for the iPad.



Yes, you read it right! An iCentre is selling the iOS 7 Beta to its customers. This is something that is completely unacceptable.

iCentre is a “Apple Premium Reseller”




It has to be kept in mind that these upgrades are availed by persons who are not so tech savvy, this makes them prone to bugs. Beta versions are meant only for the developers as they contains bugs and still under heavy development. Making common people face bugs on a phone that they use as a life companion is surely going to irk them. I saw one of them complain that his phone “hangs” on a certain task. This causes the consumers to hate apple, in spite of the fruit company doing no wrong in this case.

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      • Justin

        But Imagine and Currents have been listed by apple and the stores you posted just new and doesn’t have to be added on the website to show that they are apple resellers cause their main branches have already been listed and if you follow the link on the apple website then you can see where else they have branches while iCentre’s been there for quite a while and never even been listed and there is no use of reporting to apple since they can’t do anything about iCentre advertising themselves as Premium Resellers.

      • Jash Jacob

        Well they’ve stopped iOS7 Beta sales. Isn’t that good enough ?

      • Justin

        That’s cause people have figured out that the iOS 7 beta can be installed without the UDID registration.

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