Due to heavy rains in Chennai,  mobile phone towers in Chennai are going down due to the extended periods of power cuts. Most of them are down as the generators they’ve been running on are probably out of fuel by now.

Firechat is an app that works on peer to peer messaging and hence doesn’t need Internet or Cell Reception.

The app does this by tapping into the radio capabilities of the handset and creating a mesh network. The messages have a range of 70 metres, but can go much beyond this range as a link is created from phone to phone using Bluetooth. With its latest OM (off-the-grid-messaging) launch, however, the company claims to be able to deliver a private encrypted message without access to the network. FireChat creates a peer-to-peer mesh network that takes your message from phone to phone until it reaches the intended user.

Chat without Internet

The more people use it the more effective it becomes. Firechat is available for iOS and Android. Download it now!

If you want to know more about how the FireChat app works, Check this video out!

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  1. Vijay

    How people could download this without charge in the mobile and without Internet. .. can be used without network is fine … but is that possible to download without Internet? ??


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