canvas-4-header-techzei-stock-phone-chinese-rebrandMicromax just launched their Canvas 4 with much hype. Before you’re even excited about it, let us cut you short. It is yet another re-branded Chinese phone. BLU (Mobile vendor in Latin America) and WIKO(Mobile vendor in France) have launched a similar phone. After digging a lot ,we found that both BLU & Micromax have obtained the phones from the same Chinese OEM’s.

Also, the same phone has been known as “WIKO Stairway Heaven

WIKO Stairway Heaven

WIKO Stairway Heaven – Image Courtesy : Frandroid

The canvas 4 is already known to the world as “BLU Life One” and WIKO Stairway Heaven . Micromax has launched the phone by altering the firmware.

Now that we have found that It’s  just a mere copied phone, let us look at It’s features and pricing.

Features & Pricing :

Micromax Canvas 4 is powered by MT6589, the quad-core processor made by MediaTek, has a 5 inch screen with 720p resolution.It has 16GB internal storage and 1GB RAM along with an microSD card slot and It’s powered by Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and has battery capacity of 2,000mAh.

We can thus conclude that there is nothing interesting in this phone. The “Blow to unlock” and gesture features are just a add on via the firmware.

Shockingly, the Canvas 4 is priced around 18,000 INR. This is completely ridiculous. There are quite a few phones with the same Mediatek processor that come with a lesser price tag.

Verdict :

Just another piece of android plastic from micromax that has been rebranded from an unknown Chinese company.

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  1. arvindamirtaa

    First of all, Micromax is a well maintained joke in the market. They did manage a good sale with the Canvas 2 and Canvas HD. But, in the end of the day, they simply suck and there’s no way that’s gonna change.

  2. varun

    Whats the next best phone in that pricing slab(18k) with the same key features?

  3. Shivakant Tiwari

    Micromax Does Not Manufactures any mobile it just rebrands Cheap chinese phones , which you wont buy even for half of price if they are sold to you by their original names . Since it does not manufactures any mobiles it does not have/need its own Hardware R&D department and result of which customers suffers and have to wait for their product to get repaired from service centers . The hardware is not tested for quality and there are large number of Display , Power and Camera issues in micromax phones .

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