Being faithful MegaUpload user for a long until it ceased to exist, It came as a surprise when Kim Dotcom came up with yet another company. He proved his worth, thanks to his never give up attitude.

Why MEGA Wins Over Dropbox?

MegaUpload is now a thing of past, thanks to the illegal raids by FBI and was shut down in January 2012.

Fast forward few months from 2012 and now we have Mega.The shiny the file sharing service started by Kim a few months back. Personally, I loved Dropbox and was never going to to quit it. But then, thanks to the awesomeness of Mega, I ended up switching to it. Even though the native apps for Windows and OS X haven’t yet released , Kim has assured it’s users the native app will be out soon enough.

Some top reasons why MEGA WINS over Dropbox :

1. MEGA offers 50GB of cloud storage vs just 5GB from Dropbox. The bigger the better, Always.

2. Don’t know what their engineers did, Mega has impressed me with the upload/download speeds. (Tested on Chrome)
Dropbox was slower.

3. PRIVACY. Now, this is definitely the need of the hour. Mega assures us our privacy, unlike Dropbox. Mega has been running with an excellent system in place, completely foolproof to keep the FBI at bay. A person like Kim Dotcom is never going to let if loose.

Mega is nearing a complete package with the launch of an official Android app and an iOS app set to launch soon.

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