Sandisk wireless connect is a pen drive with a few tricks up its sleeve. This is a pen dive with its own network. It connects to almost any device, even the ones that don’t have an USB port like an iPhone or the iPad. The sandisk wireless connect creates a wifi hotspot and the devices which connect to that hotspot will be able to access files on the pen drive via the Sandisk app. The files can be streamed or downloaded to be used later.

The Sandisk wireless connect is a bit bigger than an average pen drive, but has a nice textured pattern to it on the front side. The drive is USB 2.0 and has a write speed of 10MB/s and read speed of 12MB/s on desktop which is slow. But, the wireless connect is really useful for carrying content which can be accessed on any device at any time. Upto three devices can be connected to this at the same time.


There’s only one button on the side which is firmly held down to turn it ON and OFF. When turned on, the device creates an 802.11n wifi hotspot. A small LED on it’s surface blinks to show it is ON. If the phone is connected to this network, the files can be accessed through app(available for both iOS and Android). Both the iOS and Android apps are surprisingly good! The files can be streamed or downloaded for later use. The app itself supports a variety of file formats formats. For the formats that are not supported, the app offers to export the content to apps where they might work. The app has its own media player which played pretty much any format I threw at it. But the features of the media player was extremely limited which is disappointing. So, a lot of the times I ended up downloading the file and export it to infuse to watch it there. Files can also be exported from other apps and be sent to the Sandisk app to copy it to the wireless drive.


The battery lasts around 4-5 hours depending on the usage and the number of people connected to it. It charges back up in 2 hours and can be used while charging.

There are other features to the app like checking the battery level and auto photo copy. What the photo copy app does is that it automatically copies all the new photos in your camera roll every time the wireless drive is connected. This way, you will be able to save some precious space on your phone.

The range of this device is about 100 feet, which is high enough because most of the people would use it right next to the device. Another feature of Sandisk Wireless Connect is that it can directly connect to a wifi network instead of creating a hotspot. This way, any device on the network will be able access it.


The files can be accessed from a PC by two ways: connecting it to the computer via USB, just the way you would use a normal USB drive. The other way is to access it wirelessly via the browser which is really slow.

The Sandisk Wireless connect is available in 16,32,46,128GB variants which costs Rs. 2300, 2900, 4000, 6500 each. You can get them from Mobilefun here.

Sandisk Wireless Connect: Review
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