To start with #Hashtags are now available everywhere in Facebook.All that’s left for facebook is to create a new tab where one can see the hot trends on facebook , something similar to Google Plus and Twitter. The Instagram pictures finally get hash-tagged, rather than looking stupid when some shares in on the profile.It was noticed that the #hastags now work with Facebook Mobile App.


Not just hashtags. Facebook has now become a meme central , with the ability of adding images to comments. Facebook comments have gone crazy. The last time it got this interesting was when Facebook Pages could reply to individual comments.


Great news for Facebook Pages with now option to upload custom thumbnails for links. I’m guessing Facebook learnt something from YouTube custom thumbnails for videos.

upload image-techzei-facebook

Facebook recently has been changing the top navigation bar , I haven’t yet received the new Facebook Homepage  but I’ve been noticing all sorts of changes in the navigation bar.
A few week ago it showed my full name on the navigation bar, now it shows only my first name.

My friend sent me this , a new navigation bar with number of unchecked updates in the news feed.

new navigation bar-techzei

Another major update to Facebook’s Instagram with Video sharing capabilities. Facebook thinks something longer than a 6 second video will look cooler or maybe It’s all part of master plan to build a bigger user base than Vine.

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