When I came to know about Vebbler, I was pretty excited for two reasons: One, it is an Indian Startup and Two, it is a social network which actually had a lot of people using though it is relatively new. Most of them on Facebook have over a thousand friends and might have meaningful conversations with only 10% of them. This is where Vebbler comes in. It tries to make a space where you only get to have meaningful conversations.

The whole concept behind the social network is layering or grouping our networks just like Google+, but with a different approach to it.

These guys are not obsessed with numbers. Every social network lets you add more and more friends giving you the illusion of being more engaged. This one lets you make lesser connections, but more meaningful ones.

The first thing you notice about the network is the design. The whole network has been built around the Clean flat UI which is refreshing to look at every single time. These guys have put in a lot of detail for the design. The whole navigation bar comes at the bottom and the chat to the right. The site is responsive and opens up on mobile phone. Also, an iOS app is in the works.


The core part of the network is connections in which you can categorise your friends like friends, family, work, acquaintances, etc. When you don’t want to be sharing your stuff with someone, you can still follow them and you’ll be able to view all their public posts.

Remember the million Hashtags you use for every post of yours? Well, here # has been replaced with ~ and its called a wavetag. This network treats wavetags differently. It brings you to an advanced search of the wavetag with advanced tools like its popularity, the number of times it has been used, related photographs and links.


The menubar has been placed at the bottom of the page which comes with the menu, search, notifications and settings button. The left end of the menubar is used for navigating around the site. The search part is one of the best features. You can search for people, interests and wavetags along with recent posts for your search term. Also, the notifications are amazing. They are a lot more richer with more details for every notification.


When it comes to interacting with your friends, you can filter them based on your groups. Also,  when it comes to your friend’s posts you can star (like) and reshare them and also comment on them. And yes, they do support a huge list of smileys.

The right part of the website is for messaging which brings up a floating chat box and is extremely easy to use.

Vebbler is definitely one of the most impressive startups from India which has entered the crowded marketplace of Social Networks competing with bigger giants but gaining a loyal user base at the same time. Coming months shall prove crucial to them. More features and improved functionality shall bring them a lot more users for sure.

Right now, Vebbler is in closed Beta. But, you can register yourself to get in the line.


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