Mobile browsers are getting more advanced day by day, there is no stopping of technology advancement. Opera has finally released it’s Android mobile browser with support for WebRTC which allows a browser to access a phone’s camera or mic which previously required a native app for the respective platform.

WebRTC allows the browser to access the camera of the smart phone to video chat across smartphones and computers just by accessing a website from the browser.

“The web is the ultimate meeting place for all forms of communication, so why not build video communication capabilities right into the mobile browser?” says Peter Wallman, SVP of Mobile Products at Opera Software

With the Opera for Android update today, the browser has received several upgrades in addition to WebRTC support:

  •  A fresh look for the Speed Dial reflects a flat design.
  • Users of Opera for Android can now choose how to set up the browser navigation bars to suit their mobile phone or tablet.
  • The Chromium core got a kick up to version 33, and multiple bugs in text-wrap and text selection are squashed.
  • Improvements to search sees the combined search and address bar upgraded, allowing easier search by maintaining the words you search for in the bar.

Opera 20 for Android is now available in the Google Play store, as a free download for your phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or higher.

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