Nokia has taken to twitter to show their support towards the developers community. Honestly, we never expected this.

Nokia showed off its first 3 phones running core Android last week at Mobile World Congress but made sure not a single sign of Google was left on it. Every essential Google service was replaced with either Nokia or Microsoft’s equivalents. The device was made to run Android but look exactly like Windows phone.

Based on the above intent, it was safe to assume that Nokia is going to hate the fact that after market developers were going to hack into the phones to get the real look & feel of “Android” on the Nokia X series mobiles. We had mentioned the same in the story about Nokia X, X+ and XL.

Rather than taking a blow after a XDA member hacked into the phone and got all Google Apps (Google Play store, Google Experience Launcher, Gmail, Contacts and Google Maps) to run on it, Nokia actually looked pleased with his efforts and claimed to love the guys back at XDA.





This is pretty interesting, Being a reputed company Nokia has no choice but to release the sources since not doing so is a violation of the GPL law which everyone using Android as their core have to adhere to.

 Nokia, without doubt has launched these devices to attract people to its own lumia series but the entire aftermarket development is bound to kill this like we already discussed. Anyways, it is a good sign and Nokia could probably make more Android phones not just with the intent to attract people to its lumia range.

Until then, Well played Nokia!

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