The first to arrive was the Arduino. It made prototyping easy and fast, but not interfacing with computers. Then came the RaspberryPi. It was totally different from the Arduino. It was more of a computer and for electrical prototyping  it had GPIO pins in it, but it was still not as efficient as the Arduino for that particular task.

UDOO is a board which brings the best from both the worlds to one single board and more.

It can run Android Ice Cream Sandwich or full Linux OS. It can do this because it has either a dual core or quad core 1GHz ARM i.MX6 CPU and 1GB Memory. It is far more powerful as compared to the Raspberry Pi.


It comes with HDMI for output, dual USB ports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, microSd card slot, SATA for hard drives, headphone and microphone jacks. This makes up to everything a desktop computer should have.

For the Arduino part of it, it sports a separate ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, the ones found on Arduino Due. It has 76 GPIO pin outs for your Shields and almost anything you need to connect.

UDOO is an extremely successful kickstarter project. There are three versions of it at $99, $109 and $129. These can be pre-ordered on their store and is expected to ship as soon as October this year.

With this kind of power, I’m looking forward for DIYs of smarter drones and home automation projects.


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    • Vignesh Sundar

      It is pretty expensive as compared to Arduino. But when you take Arduino and Pi together, it is cheap. Also, UDOO is a lot more powerful and comes with inbuilt wi-fi.
      About the availability, it has not yet been released to the public. It is a kickstarter project which they should start shipping by November for the initial backers.

  1. Chauhan

    Hi Vignesh can you make comparison between BeagleBoard Xm and UDOO Quad. I’m confused which one has better performance…or which one is better for making robots endowed with image processing…

    • Vignesh Sundar

      Both are different in their own ways. UDOO is extremely easy to use for beginners and BeagleBoard is a board for the professionals who know what they’re doing. Also, BeagleBoard is a bit more expensive that UDOO. But coming to image processing, both can process images but BeagleBoard seems to do it better(Personally, I’ve not used both). It all comes down to the personal choices…..

      • Chauhan

        Vignesh if we look at Processors and RAM, UDOO Quad seems better in performance. (Image processing task multicore is smooth as compared to BeagleBoard XM, it is lagging a little) Is it right?

      • Vignesh Sundar

        That way, yes. UDOO is better if you want to do heavier Image Processing.

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