Everyone of us love taking pictures and with the advent of high end smartphones with competitive camera options, there is no need for a person to be an expert in taking pictures. Just a click, few filters and behold you are done with creating one of your most adorable pictures.

We’ve put together a list of top 5 camera apps for Android which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store which will certainly improve your photo experience.

HD Camera Ultra

The HD Camera Ultra is just like a normal digital camera which offers quite a range of features. For focusing purposes it offers 3 modes namely infinite focus, macro focus i.e. covering a predefined large part of screen. Also it has various options for colour balancement.  It offers various modes like portrait view, landscape view, night view for taking good quality pictures at night and so on. The sidebar itself shows a snapshot of the photo which is a good thing about this app, so you don’t have to dig into your gallery and search for the recently taken photo. The app does not feature video recording yet.

Download HD Camera Ultra from Google Play Store.

Google Camera


Google Camera is the lightest camera app which minimalist UI and one click photo capture app. This app features almost all the features that the Nexus 4/5 Camera app, like the Photo Sphere feature. Lens blur is one of the most popular modes on this camera app which lets you adjust the focus of the images after the picture is clicked. There are a couple of different panorama picture modes as well. Google Camera app gets the basic job done with Gestures and sliding to left loads the default camera gallery.

Download Google Camera from the Google Play Store.

Camera FV-5 Lite

The best camera app in terms of options for photo capture. It offers every single feature that can be offered by a professional camera. On the left hand side there are general settings like adjusting the image resolution, adjusting the exposure time, focus options etc. Plus a whole lot of features. Plus it offers an option of single touch shot. Also it offers various flash modes. It offers various options for picture editing. A must have app for camera enthusiasts and amateur photographers.

Download Camera FV-5 Lite from Google Play Store.

Camera360  Ultimate


Camera360 Ultimate is among one of the best apps for camera. Its loaded with loads of features. They had recently updated it for better camera experience. The best feature about Camera360 Ultimate is that it offers the feature to see how your photo looks like before even the shutter option is pressed. Cool, thats something we would need while taking a selfie. It’s certainly one of the best camera apps available in Play Store.

Download Camera360 Ultimate from Google Play Store.


Now here’s an app for all people who love selfies. With over 10 million downloads up to date, Cymera runs up as one of the best apps for selfie enthusiasts.  There are a completely separate set of features and filters for when you catch a smile in your pictures. Worth a try. Some effects on this app are very unique to Cymera, It’s definitely a lot of fun trying on a lot of different filters and stickers.

Download Cymera from Google Play Store.

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