Download Framaroot apk and Root Your Android Phone. It’s a one click root.


Android phones are being rooted by many users daily to unleash its true potential and get away from the restrictions laid by the OEM. Download Framaroot apk  and root your Android phone today in one click.

Framaroot apk is developed by alephzain from XDA. Framaroot has a bunch of root exploits named after various characters from the Lord of the Rings Universe. Framaroot apk also lets you unroot the device in case you don’t want root any more.


  1. Framaroot is a one touch root application.
  2. You need to have file manager.
  3. Install the Framaroot.apk
  4. Open the Framaroot App and choose any one exploit and wait till the process ends and reboot your device.

download Framaroot Apk

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  1. Christian

    Not letting me do anything… I’ll click on that thing on the bottom and it says error. Is this another scam to waste people’s time?


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