Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. When I leave my house, I make sure I have everything I need to get my work done. I’ve always been interested in what others carry in their bag because there is always room for improvement and discover something that’s interesting. Recently I posted a photo online with everything I carried to an event last week which had a lot of questions. So I figured I’d write an article with everything in it and why I carry them. Hope this would help you improve your bag pack. Here’s everything laid out:




What’s in my bag obviously starts with my bag. It’s called CROW from an Indian startup, TwentySeven. It is super spacious and has enough compartments for my need. The biggest reason I got it though is for its design! Along with everything I’ve mentioned in this article, I can carry a pair of clothes in case it is a two-day trip.



I carry two computers with me all the time: The 13” Retina Macbook Pro(Early 2015) and an iPad Pro. These are two indispensable tools I use every day. The Macbook Pro because it has all the power I need and has a full-blown desktop operating system. Most of the times, I leave it behind in the hotel room unless I’m absolutely sure I’ll be needing it. This way, it’ll be easy for me to get back to the hotel room, transfer photos and videos to work on them. I’ve included the iPad Pro with computers I carry because I truly believe it is a computer. It is there with me all the time since it is really light and it doubles up as my entertainment device. It is 128GB and has my whole media library, books and comics. It can do most of the things a computer can. With the iPad Pro, there are workarounds for all sorts of tasks, including the complicated ones. It is really handy when I need to get something done and I don’t have my Macbook with me.

Macbook Pro 13″(Rs. 92,000): Amazon, Flipkart
iPad Pro 128GB Wifi(Rs. 79,000): Amazon, Flipkart



Once again with phones, I carry two different phones with me. One is my primary and other my secondary. My primary phone has always been an iPhone since I am really into the iOS ecosystem and rely heavily on iMessage. I always use it for all the core stuff like calling and messaging. Coming to the secondary phone, it is the phone I’m currently reviewing or I recently reviewed. This is where I do everything else from taking photos to social networking. I also do make a few phone calls at times on my secondary device. At the time of writing this article, my secondary device is LeEco Le 1s and you can check out the full review here.

iPhone 6s Plus(Rs. 67,000): Amazon, Flipkart



Until last year, I heavily relied on my DSLR, Canon 600D and I recently replaced it with the RX100 MK IV. It is a remarkable camera, but also way too expensive. It takes away most of the bulk from my bag without compromising on my photo quality. With this, I am always sure that I have the best professional camera with me all the time. This tiny camera shoots 4K! One tiny disadvantage with it’s tiny size is that it easily runs out of battery. So I carry a couple of extra spare batteries from Wasabi. With the RX100, I also replaced my tripod with a Joby SLR Zoom which supports SLR cameras up to 3Kg. I could’ve gotten something smaller since I have a tiny camera. But this is the only one which comes with a ball head which is extremely useful.

Sony RX100 MKIV(Rs. 61,000): Amazon, Flipkart
Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom(Rs. 2,000): Amazon, Flipkart



I am a huge fan of taking notes. For this reason, I use a Moleskine, the Evernote addition. This is where I jot down ideas and notes for me to work on. This way, it is distraction free and I can just work on what’s important. Once, I have everything I need, I export it to Evernote and work from it there. I use Evernote premium and I get three months free with each new notebook! For taking down notes, I use an Uniball Eye. Unlike the Moleskine, it is easy to get them everywhere and are cheap.

Moleskine Evernote Notebook(Rs. 1,550): Amazon
Uniball Pack of 2(Rs. 120): Amazon



I absolutely hate running out of batteries. The only reason I have an iPhone 6s Plus instead of the iPhone 6s is for its battery. But I always carry extra battery to make sure I have it when I need and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I have two different batteries with me for this. One is the Fuel which is a super tiny 400mAh battery and gives a quick charge in times of an emergency and it has the lightning connector inbuilt to it. It’s in my pocket when I don’t have my bag with me. Other is the 10,000 mAH from One Plus. It works like every other power bank, but I got this one for it’s sleek design which slides into my bag.

OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank(Rs. 1,400): Amazon, Flipkart
Fuel Micro Charger for iOS Devices($30): Fuel Site



My devices always have to be charged up. For this I carry a couple of USB wall plugs, one 1 feet lightning cable, one 1 feet micro USB cable, and one really tiny lightning cable I use when using my One Plus power bank. Also, I carry my Macbook Charger along with them. I keep them all in separate zip lock bags to make sure they don’t get tangled up. This is a neat little trick which costs nothing!



I always have two different headsets with me: Audio Technician M50X and Bose QC20i. Bose QC20i is extremely handy when I’m outdoors and in flight. In these situations, this is a tiny in-ear headphone which has a perfect noise-isolating system, but not the best audio and lacks bass. Check here for our complete review of the Bose QC20i So when I’m in quite environments when I don’t have a lot of disturbance, I need better audio quality. For this, I carry the M50X which pumps out the best audio. It is not an overstatement when everyone tells M50X is amazing because it truly is!

Audio Technica ATH-M50X(Rs. 9,100): Amazon, Flipkart
Bose QC20i(Rs. 22,700): Amazon, Flipkart



USB Light: All phones have a flash which can be used as a light. But this one is exceptionally bright which I connect to my power bank when I need extra light while taking photos.

USB Light(Rs. 70): Amazon

Wallet: I’m into minimal wallets. They reduce a lot of bulk and make a meaningful difference. The one I have is from a company called Basics. It can carry upto 8 cards with one quick access slot and can also carry some cash and change. The cash has to be folded though. A small inconvenience which I don’t really mind.

Basis Wallet($20): Basics Website

Lumu: Lumu is an interesting tiny little accessory which is a kickstarter success. It connects to iPhone’s headphone port and the companion app displays the amount of light. Lumu is a tiny light meter. It is really helpful to get the manual settings right while taking photos while under tricky light situations.

Lumu($150): Lumu Website

Sandisk Wireless Connect: iPad Pro has one big disadvantage: It has no USB port. So transferring files to it has always been a hassle. The Wireless connect has been of some help which acts as USB drive which can connect to any device. Click here for our review of the Sandisk Wireless Connect.

Sandisk Wireless Stick 32GB(Rs. 2,400): Amazon, Flipkart

Watch: It is of no surprise. Since my primary phone is an iPhone, my smartwatch is an Apple Watch. At this point, everyone knows about the Apple Watch. But, here is our detailed review of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Sport 42mm(Rs. 35,000): Amazon, Flipkart

Business Cards: I just have them with me all the time!


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