“Cyber scrutiny, not snooping” says Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid of US surveillance.

Yes, you read it right. While everyone is raging about NSA’s illegal invasion of privacy including their own citizens, we have our foreign minister Mr.Salman Khurshid who claims it be “cyber scrutiny” Many within the NSA did not come forward to make such claims.

Snowden has given more than enough proof to expose the NSA’s illegal ways to spy over citizens of other nations. No matter for what for good reason, no country has the right to invade the privacy of citizens belonging to another country. Infact no one is entitled to spy on their own people. It is shocking and shameful to see our foreign minister make such really lame comments.
It has to be noted that India is the 2nd most country to be spied on by the USA. Also, it has to be noted that Indian citizens have been raged over his comments. They seem to be venting their anger via twitter thus trending his name.

Disclaimer : We are NOT posting any tweets or links to them over here, thanks to section 66A. (who likes to be jailed?)

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