infySEC has come up with an interesting way to create awareness about information security.  They have planned to conduct a mega security workshop : E-HACK, a 2 day event.ehack-chennai-promo-image-techzei

E-HACK & The Guinness Book of World Records :

E-HACK, will be the largest ever workshop on information security. On its way, we are also attempting for some records. MICROSOFT holds the record for most number of participants in a software development marathon in a single location, by having a head count of 2567 participants. We are going to break the record by having 3000+ participants under a single roof. E-HACK will be in The Indian Book of Records, The Asian Book of Records and The Guinness Book of World Records as the event with the largest number of participants in an information security workshop.”
Capture the Flag (CTF) is a real time scenario game. You’ll be given a scenario which will require you to hack into a server/site. There will be multiple levels and you have to progress through each level by hacking through it. With a total of 50 levels, the team/person which cracks the maximum number of levels within the time limit, will be announced the winner.

According to the hosts

It will be world largest attempt on hackathon with brain twisting levels and stages, the
continuous run for 20+ hours non-stop. Starting with easier levels, the hackathon will continue to be a
challenging with over 50 levels.

Excited ? Want to be a part of the history? Its your time now! You can register and be a part of the history for FREE!


Registration :

You can register & get your tickets on the official website over here

Date :

Starting on 27 July 2013(Saturday) and extending 28th (Sunday).

Venue :

SRM’s TP Ganeshan Auditorium, SRM Universirty’s Kattankulathur Campus.

Schedule :

The schedule for the event can be found over here.


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