Everyone loves to have root! What is android without root access ? Here is a simple guide to get root on your micormax a110 phone running on JellyBean.

1.Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery by following this simple guide over here

2. Download superuser binaries from here, thank you chainfire (consider donating!) and transfer this file to the root of your sdcard.

3. Turn off the phone and Hold power button + Volume up + Volume Down, until the phone brightens up. You will reach a screen where you need to use volume up key to enter CWM recovery mode.

4. Flash the Su binaries that you just downloaded and transferred to the root of your sdcard. reboot your phone.

5. Make sure you have the “SuperSU” app in your app drawer, this confirms that you have root.




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  1. Tanmay

    dude not working followed your instructions but doesn’t help me to root jellybean on canvas 2 plz help………..

    • Jay

      Can you please elaborate on the error you get?
      make sure to install CWM recovery via flashtool and then flash SU binaries via the CWM recovery.

      • Tushar

        I dint get dat instruction in 2nd point dat transfer this file to the root of your sdcard.
        So can u xpln..??

      • Jay

        Copying to the Root of the SD card means copying the file into /sdcard and not inside any folder.

      • Tushar

        How would i knw dat drivers hv been installed on my PC…because m nt sure abt dat…..

      • Tushar

        As u shwd in video dat aftr clicking on downlod in flas tools window some proces done and u switchd of ua phone……but m facing some problem dat after clicking on downlod nthng is hapning….

      • Jay

        You can wait for our post on rooting the canvas 2 without using a PC! Keep a track of our fb page > Facebook.com/techzei

      • Tushar

        I ve installd it…..its shwng in my control panel…….
        btw installing drivers means just instaling a file named Micromax driver A110 (x64) right….??

      • Jay

        Yes. If you’re running 64 bit of windows then you need to install this file. If you’re PC is running a 32 bit version, you need to install the 32 bit version of drivers.

      • Tushar

        Yeah i knw…..so i instald dat file…..bt still geting an error……

      • Jay

        Try it on a windows 7 x32 bit version. You won’t face any issues.

      • tanmay

        dude help me I m struck on strock recovery n badly require root access to have cwm recovery so that I can install jb pre rooted rom

        help plzzzzzzzz//////////////////////

      • Aditya

        Hello there. I own a A110 and i m thinking of flashing a jelly bean ROM but i have read somewhere that old sim cards are not working!!?? is ti true???
        1 more thing i wanted to ask that how can i check whether my sim is 64k or 16k???
        the reason i m asking is that it was written that only 64k sim cards are working.
        PLZ PLZ PLZ help

      • Jay

        It depends on the ROM you’re currently using. If you are using the Cynus T2 ICS ROM you wont face any problem, if you’re coming from Stock Micromax ROM you will face sim 2 not working error. Anyways, it can be corrected by simply following our guide which is noob friendly. And, If you have a new sim (purchased recently) it is a 64k one, it would be mentioned on the SIM card.and, most of the sim cards that I tried are working.

  2. tanmay

    V r all having problem please upload the pictures of the stepwise process or upload the corresponding video how to root job Cygnus t2 rom

      • tanmay

        yipeee thanx man n techzei’s team to help us ur help will be highly appreciated…..
        if u can send me the detailed video at my address.
        According to ur convenience that will b highly appreciated……

      • Jay

        We have updated the tutorial with a simpler process. Do check it out. Also, a video tutorial is in the making.
        thank you.

  3. sam

    bro, i have a problem, i cant access both 2 sims after going in jb. now please help me.

  4. sam

    bro, i have a problem. so i want to downgrade jb to ics in micromax a110. how can i do it??

    please help me..

  5. Tanmay

    Jash/Jacob my preloader Mt65xx drivers were not installed so my phone was not detected by flash tool after installing i managed to start it after red ribbon completes it shows error 8100 cant find usb
    any suggestions where i m doing wrong

      • Tanmay

        jacob can u please give me ur contact number please or of the person who has made this video i only have problem in drivers that can be solved in sec i m wrong in only one step


  6. Tanmay

    error 8100 cant find usb port
    suggestions in sptool
    1. may be usb leak
    2. press ctrl+alt+t to enter run time mode

    what to do know

  7. Puneet Vikram Singh

    Got a problem bro…..both sims are not working.
    trying to root with the instructions above but not working….

  8. Puneet Vikram Singh

    while doing cmd getting a message -waiting for device and nothing happens

    • Tanmay Gandotra

      May be your mediatek preloader Mt65xx drivers are not installed
      if u r running win 7 64 bit switch of ur phone n remove the battery
      reinsert it. open device manager connect ur phone to pc in switch off state.
      there in device manager u will c unknown driver Mt65xx pompt up.
      press update driver manually n browse for mobistel under programfiles
      this may help u….
      if ur drivers are updated you cN c then in ports section as it happens for a second .

    • Apoorva Mehrotra

      1’St if you want to root search google for MTK 6577 Drivers 32/64 bit (check your OS for this)
      Second allow installation of unsigned drivers. (Refer youtube how to do this as per your OS)
      You should not see any ! (yellow) mark in system manager / device manager in front of MTK 6577 driver which you just installed after enabling installation of unsigned drivers.
      Once this is done, The method mentioned above should work if not then let me know i can tell you how to root using the flash tool but that is a lil tricky but works hundred percent. You will be able to port CMW / TWRP recovery which gives better access for porting any custom ROM on your MMX Canvas A 110 …

  9. Apoorva Mehrotra

    Finally did it friends. Well i will not say the method is incorrect but
    it is a lil tricky to understand what recovery to select.

    Many guys who cannot go to CMW, you might need to flash TWRP recovery
    because the recovery file which is linked in this is not working for
    me. I tried TWRP, it worked perfecto. For those who are waiting at the
    RED bar, and then nothing happens, please install the correct USB driver
    for your phone which MTK 6577; Search for this in google. 2’ndly in
    Your windows operating system you need to disable “Signed driver
    Installation”; disable this only then you will be able to work it out
    perfectly. On installting unsigned drivers please search google or view
    in your tube how to install any unsigned driver. YOU CANNOT FLASH UNTILL

    Also you can very well skip step # 6 & 7 on droidser. Simply click download
    -> Connect Phone -> Switch off the phone -> Wait for green ring
    thingy -> Once done, reboot in recovery -> Wallah you are in LEWA
    Recovery. -> Install whatever ROM / FLASH / ROOM Etc etc

    Let me know if any more troubleshooting needed. glad to help you

  10. Reegan Crazyguy

    Thank you dude..it works. I was struggling with the “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v17” & “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15” (but finally i came to know that this method only work for ICS).. Thank you so much luv you.. Now Micromax with Jelly bean is rooted at ease..

  11. Sai

    Please can you post a clear video.. The video you have posted is blur.. I m not able rrecognize the video properly… So please post a clear video of rooting cynus t2

  12. Burhan

    Dude it was awesome!! i knew how to do it bt i was missing one thing that is switching off the phone!!
    Thnks a lot for it.

  13. Danush Prashad

    Thank u very much. I tried many ways rooting my device which didn’t help me. Ur’s was easy and awesome. My wishes for ur team to go ahead..

  14. naren

    i have a canvas 2 running on jellybean 4.1.1 official update.

    yesterday i rooted my phone using flash tool and it was a complete sucess in rooting.

    i downloaded font changer and installed fonts and it asked to reboot to apply the settings after reboot my canvas 2 stuck in the starting stage that is it is stucked in logo so please help me to solve this issue. donno wat to do..:-(

    thanks in advance..

    • Jash Jacob

      You should goto to recovery mode and wipe all. And reinstall the ROM. Note that you will lose all your data.

  15. rahul

    sir i just root my canvas 2 running official jelly bean ,i am having signal problem ,signal comes and goes away plz help me ,i had cwm mode can i try any jelly bean rom available in xda

    • Jay

      Rooting is no way related with signal being dropped.
      Yes, you can try custom ROM’s From XDA.
      For a minimal and fast experience, use Techzei’s ROM.

  16. Rahul

    Are there Any Steps To Root Without Volume Keys ?

    Since, My Volume Keys Are Not Working ?


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