Recently, we reviewed the RhinoShield CrashGuard bumper case, and you can check it out here. In that review, I’d mentioned that personally I preferred the PlayProof case over the bumper. The RhinoShield PlayProof is made of their proprietary polymer with a hexagon pattern on the inside. This helps in spreading the impact from shocks through the body of the case. The hexagon pattern reduces the area of contact by the case on the phone which reduces the stress on phone from drops.


Comparing with the bumper, this is a full-fledged case which covers the whole back of my iPhone 6s Plus. This does not just protect the back of the phone, but also gives a solid feel to it and makes it a lot more comfortable to hold. This is something that is missing from the bumper case which was a deal breaker for me.

The back of the case has a matt finish, and it is definitely not slippery. I don’t drop my phone much, but for the sake of testing I tried dropping it a few times and if I’d done the same thing without the case, I’m pretty sure that would’ve shattered the screen. Also, RhinoShield was cool enough to send over two cases. I gave the extra case to a friend of mine who drops his iPhone a lot. The case did manage to hold up! EvolutiveLabs claims that it can survive drops up to 11.5 feet.

PlayProof case has separate rubber buttons for volume and power which are easy to use. There is a small hole for the mute switch which is hard to reach, but it is pretty normal with any protective case. In the bottom, there are two separate cut-outs for charging port and headphone jack. This is something that I was genuinely impressed with the case. I primarily use the Audio Technica ATH-M50x and Bose QC20i headphones. Both have problems reaching the headphone jack with most cases. Especially with bigger ones which offer protection like this one. But with the PlayProof, I had no issue with using the headphones which alone convinced me that this was good enough for me to be using every day!


On the front, the sides are well raised above the screen so that you won’t end up scratching the screen while placing it face down.

PlayProof series is all about protection and design at the same time. It comes with a high-quality print on the back which is really impressive. There is a huge range of designs on their website. If not for the protection, some of the designs alone should be able to convince you to get them.


The PlayProof case retails for $25 and at this price point, it is a steal for the protection it offers and it’s design. I’m really impressed with this. For people who want protection, this is the best case I’ve ever used and it is not really bulky. You can get the PlayProof case right here from Evolutive Labs website.

This case genuinely does not have any flaws, so I am unable to list anything under the Cons column!

Rhinoshield PlayProof: Review
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  1. Animesh

    Do they ship these cases to India ?
    If yes, how much is it going to cost me here in India. The Playproof cases are available on but I need one with the customised design on the back.
    (The black one whose image is shown above)
    Thanks man.

    • Bharath

      They do ship to India and I have ordered the customised case as well. But I have to warn you that it takes a hell of a time for delivery. I have been waiting patiently for last 15 days to get my hands on it. It has to clear customs and India Post will deliver it when they have time!!


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