LeEco, which entered the Indian market early this year sent out invites for an event on 3rd May in Mumbai. The event will take place at the Mehboob Studio, which is really huge! Some exciting developments have been happening around the event and here’s what to expect.

1. Content

LeEco is the Netflix of China and they stressed that they would want something similar in India, in the event which they had early this year. Also, the increased availability of 4G in India has further solidified India as a country where content might be the next thing. LeEco also started building its biggest content library with over more than 100,000 episodes of TV shows, over 5,000 copyrighted films in China. LeEco had partnered with Yupp TV during the phone launch early this year. But looks like LeEco is planning to go beyond that….

2. Smart TVs

At the event in India early this year, LeEco also said that they will be releasing their widely popular TVs in India soon. Hopefully we see them too.

3. Phones?

LeEco recently launched 3 new phones in China late last month. It is doubtful if we see those in India right now because it is too early. But who knows?

4. Accessories

LeEco sells a bunch of accessories in China. We can expect to see a few of them launched here in India.

5. LeSee

LeEco recently showcased their self driving concept car and their partnership with Ashton Martin for smart cars in China. There is no timeline on when that will be available, but we hope LeEco showcases that in India too.

There’s been a lot of silence from LeEco about the even and at this point, we can expect anything from them. Stay tuned for updates on the event here on Techzei. If you want to know things as they happen, follow me on Snapchat and Twitter where I’ll be live: nextgenguy.

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