Pebble is an amazing smart watch which has been there around for a while now. Check our review of Pebble Smartwatch.  One of the biggest advantages of Pebble is the customisation. You can install 8 different Pebble Apps/Watchfaces from the huge Pebble app store.

What if you want something more? Something a lot more unique? You can code your own watchface for Pebble. But, we don’t have to go that far today. We can create our own Custom Pebble Watchface using a simple tool called Watchface Generator.

  1. Visit the Watchface Generator website on your computer.
  2. Upload your own background image or choose the default black/white.
  3. Next, choose what sort of  watch you want – Analog or Digital. Choose the size, format and position of these elements.
  4. If you want the date, enable it.
  5. You can choose to add your own text if you want and extras like Bluetooth connectivity status and battery level of the Pebble.
  6. Finally once you’re done, choose a name and hit generate.  You will be shown a QR Code and a link.
  7. Open the link or the QR Code on your mobile device. This is the direct download page for the watchapp you just created. Download it and install using the Pebble App.

Though the Watchface Generator is extremely customisable, you cannot do anything fancy with it. For that, I’d recommend using the Pebble SDK.

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