Unless you have been living in the caves or jungles, you wouldn’t have heard of Truecaller. Truecaller lets you identify phone numbers and block spam numbers. In the recent past, Truecaller has become one of the biggest providers for mobile numbers users data in this market. While the app is free, certain features require you to subscribe to the premium subscription pack which costs little money. Although it is very much affordable, we don’t have much use of it as personal users.

Apparently it’s come to the notice that TrueCaller is giving Free Truecaller Premium for 1 year for all it’s users. The True Caller Premium for 1 year can be added to your account by opening the TrueCaller app and searching for “#ILOVETC” which means (I Love TrueCaller).

How To Get Free Truecaller Premium For 1 Year

That is it, your promo code would be accepted and you have premium access for the next one year (365 days) for free. Truecaller premium removes the in-app advertisements and see everyone who looked up your Truecaller Profile. The Truecaller premium also allows 30 contact requests per month.


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  1. Jay

    We are sorry. It was based on first come, first serve basis. The offer is over now.

    • Jay

      As stated already, it worked purely on “first come, first serve” basis.
      Seriously, why isn’t paying consider as an option?

      Also, if you are on android you can look for modded apks.
      If you’re on iOS, you’re out of luck.

      • Tuhin

        Coz we indian don’t prefer e-transactions and half of them don’t even have a credit card!

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