Asus recently launched its Zenfone series, which comes in three sizes — four, five and six inches. Unlike most of the other Android phones, these run on Intel’s processors and perform decently. The Asus Zenfone sales started exclusively on Flipkart, the company plans for offline availability are on.

While, Xiaomi has been successful so far with their Flash sale model, it has hit the nerve of a few potential customers. Both Flipkart & Mi India Facebook pages are facing quite some flak for the sales model. Allowing over a lakh of customers to register for a sale of mere 20,000 devices is barbaric.

Its been impossible for non-tech savvy customers to buy the device while the tech savvy have taken advantage of the situation to gain a buck out of it by either purchasing it and later selling on other sites like eBay and OLX or by simply adding one to their carts and demanding at least ₹ 2,000 /- more for shipping it to others.

All these have led to the rise of the Asus Zenfone which is definitely a worth-the-price smart phone. Although they don’t have time records to boast about, Asus has been successful in stealing Xiaomi’s customers.

“We are overwhelmed by the response, as many as 40,000 units were sold out within the first four days of launch,” said Chang, adding that the Taiwanese company now expected the sales figure of cross one lakh soon. “The Zenfone series stocks have been refilled many times and are being restocked at regular intervals,” he told in an interview with IndianExpress.

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