Samsung just can’t stop selling smartphones, with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Gear and the “curve” phone they just launched there is a rumor that the Galaxy S5 will be released on January 2014. This move would leave the Samsung Galaxy S4 customers a little short changed than they actually do.

The rushed released must be because of the result of the Galaxy S4 not selling as many units as they had anticipated. According to the Korean publication Naver the device will be showcased on January and will be available to the customers by February.

Almost every facet of the report seems made up, but if, by some reach, Samsung is planning to unveil a new-year gift to the smartphone industry in January of next year, it stands to reason that we’ll start hearing about it pretty soon.

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  1. Mohsin

    A bit too fast for a new phone to be out yet. My guess is that Samsung wants to fix what they screwed up in S4. Lets hope this one doesn’t flop like s4


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